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How does it work? How can I use Influence4Brands on all my social networks?

Influence4Brands is a platform that allows you to choose which campaigns you would like to promote on your social networks. The concept is simple: you pick campaigns that you like, and you talk about them openly on social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or your blog).

Is the platform free?

Yes, your registration is 100% free.

How much will I make?

With performance-based campaigns, you make money or earn points (allowing you to order gift cards) based on your followers’ actions. The amount earned varies with each campaign and is always mentioned in the campaign description. For a sponsored video campaign for example, your remuneration will be calculated based on the social reach you had for your last 5 posts. Advertisers determine the price per view. For a sponsored post campaign, your remuneration will be calculated based on your number of followers.

I am already affiliated with a multi-channel network (MCN), can I still register?

Yes, it is 100% compatible with our platform. Influence4Brands is not a multi-channel network so you can be part of both: use your MCN & monetize your social networks via our platform.

Can I join Influence4Brands even though I don’t have a lot of followers on social media?

The fact that you don’t have a lot of followers doesn’t mean that you don’t have any influence. If you are an organic products specialist and have 2000 followers, your influence will be valuable to organic brands. You are more than welcome to join!

How can I connect my social networks to my Influence4Brands account?

You only need to click on the little arrow next to your name (top-right corner of the page) while logged in, then click on “Edit Profile”. From there, you’ll be able to update your personal information and link each social network to your Influence4Brands account.

Do I keep my editorial freedom?

You will have to respect a campaign brief to get 100% of your salary, however should you decide not to follow the brief fully, you are free to do so (your remuneration will be lower). Briefs are usually short: we don’t want to dictate you what to say. It is your responsibility to talk about brands, products and services the way you want to.

Do I have to participate to all campaigns, or can I select the ones I want?

You constantly have access to multiple campaigns on our platform, however it is your responsibility to pick the ones that interest you the most (ie. based on topics, remuneration, etc.) There is no obligation!

I do not have a SIRET number and am not an auto entrepreneur. Can I still sign up?

In order to earn euros instead of points, your account needs to be a Company Account. This type of account can be chosen during registration, but can't be changed afterwards. You will need to add all your financial and personal information in your profile under Edit Profile (top-right corner). Once you start doing some campaigns on Influence4Brands, you will be able to issue an invoice every month (available from the 10th of each month) and receive your payment. Note: you need at least 30€ on your account to be able to issue an invoice. If you created an Individual Account (points), and would like to switch to a Company Account (euros), please create a second account and let us know. We will transfer your points to your new account (100 pts = 1€). Just make sure you have no ongoing campaign at the moment.

I have an auto-entrepreneur status, how do I register?

You will have to indicate your legal information during registration.

I am an advertiser and I’m interested in Influence4Brands. How does it work?

Influence4Brands is a platform owned by Influence4you. To create a campaign, simply access your advertiser/agency interface by clicking here.

How do you track campaigns?

Some campaigns are tracked using the provided tracking link – these include campaigns measured by click, installation, registrant or sale. By clicking on the link, it will take into account each action immediately. However, some campaigns differ from others, and each action may sometimes be saved a few days/weeks later based on the agreement that we have with advertisers. If you are unsure, please refer to the campaign details and look for the statistics delay section.
Note: we have some anti-fraud mechanisms in place (double-clicks, incentives, fake accounts including accounts using the same IP address, etc.) If we detect fraudulent activity on your account, it might be suspended/banned, in which case you won’t receive your remuneration.

What is an external campaign?

Sometimes we find great deals for you (ie. interesting partnership programs) and showcase them on the site. In these cases, everything is taken care of by the external partner, and there is no tracking happening on our platform.

The campaign link is broken. What should I do?

The advertiser’s campaign might be expired. If it is still active on our end – on the Influence4Brands platform – please contact us shortly using the form below and we will get in touch with the advertiser. In this case, we recommend removing this tracking link from your networks because any associated action won’t be taken into consideration, which might affect your revenue expectations.

How is the invoicing calculated?

The invoicing request is available on the 10th of each month. It is based on your total earnings (before taxes) accumulated over the last months minus earnings that have already been invoiced. You can see the details when you are logged in under the “Payments” menu.

How do I get paid? How long does it take to receive my salary?

Once you have sent your invoice, we deposit your salary within 30 days. It’s easy!

I’m an individual. How do I collect reward points?

For each campaign, you can see how many points you will earn based on the number of registrants/sales/etc. You simply need to follow the campaign brief when promoting a product on your social networks to receive the full remuneration. It’s really easy to earn points!

What are points used for?

Points can be redeemed to order gift cards (ie. Amazon).

When it is indicated “5.00 x SALES” on a campaign, what does that mean?

This means that every time someone buys a product because of you (using your link), you will obtain a number of points that is 5x the purchased amount. For example, for a 100€ purchase, you would get 500 points. That’s an easy way to add up points quickly.

How long before I can use my gift card?

As soon as you have enough points, you can redeem them to get a gift card (one per day). The gift card number will be visible instantaneously on your account, so you can use it whenever you want.

Advertisers/Agencies FAQ

What is Influence4Brands? What are the benefits of using this platform?

Influence4Brands is the best platform that connects social media influencers and advertisers/agencies. It allows famous and emerging influencers to make money by participating in campaigns for brands that they like. Brands can then benefit influence marketing via influencers that are the most relevant to their target audience. Our platform will allow you to experience the Best Friend Effect, and to make successful influence campaigns.

What is the Best Friend Effect?

Influencers have a certain number of followers, and most of these followers have developed a relationship of trust with influencers. With the Best Friend Effect, influencers that you choose for your campaigns become ambassadors of your brand, and spread a more personal message to their followers using their own words.

How do I register to Influence4Brands?

You can register to our platform on the following site: Then you will need to select the offer that corresponds to your business needs, and fill out your information.

Which campaign types can I create on Influence4Brands?

On Influence4Brands you can create all types of campaigns based on your needs/objectives: sending sample products, sponsored YouTube video, sponsored Tweet, sponsored Facebook post, sponsored Instagram post, sponsored links (click-based campaigns), sponsored blog posts, events.

Do I have to pay for these services?

You can choose amongst 3 types of offer to collaborate with social media influencers:

  • Starter : You can use one language and create as many campaigns as you like with up to 20 influencers per campaign and on all social networks.
  • Standard : You can create campaigns in multiple languages, your limit is now at 50 influencers per campaign and you now have access to advanced stats about influencers.
  • Premium : You can have an unlimited number of influencers participating in your campaigns and you can generate one-click video reporting. In addition, you can choose the pricing and create different user accounts and brands, such as an agency.

Is every industry represented on Influence4Brands?

Yes, on Influence4Brands you will find influencers from various industries. Our main sectors are Fashion/Beauty, High-Tech & Gaming, but all others are also available.

Do I get to choose influencers with whom I want to collaborate?

Yes. When you publish a campaign on Influence4Brands, influencers that are interested will apply to it. You then get to pick the ones that are most relevant to this collaboration. You can also contact other influencers by message to ask them for collaboration.
*The only exception is for PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. There is no selection for this type of campaign, but you can ban an influencer from these campaigns at any time if you aren’t satisfied with their performance.

How can I get in touch with influencers?

You can chat with influencers that have applied to your campaigns directly on your Influence4Brands account. You can also send emails to registered influencers with whom you have never had any interaction before.

Do influencers get paid?

Yes, with Influence4Brands, all campaigns are paid. You can set your budget beforehand, and pay per result (ie. brief criteria, PPC, etc.). Then we pay influencers after deducting the platform commission (approx. 30% - can vary per campaign). The only exception is for “sample products” campaigns; these aren’t paid (products are sent only).

On which social networks are my campaigns ran?

With Influence4Brands, you can choose your preferred social network during the campaign creation. For example, you will choose “Sponsored YouTube Video” if you want to collaborate with YouTubers who will create a video dedicated to your brand/product. Only PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns can be ran on all social networks because they include a tracking link that influencers can share on all networks.

How can I measure the success of my campaigns?

In your Influence4Brands account, you have a real-time access to all your live campaign statistics (ie. campaign cost, number of views, number of likes, audience age, etc.) You get really helpful insights, and can have a better understanding of your performance.

For campaigns that include sending products to influencers, how are my products sent?

With Influence4Brands, you are responsible for shipping your products to influencers.

Can I manage multiple brands/accounts on Influence4Brands?

Yes, by subscribing to the “Agency” offer you will have access to a multi-account interface from which you’ll be able to run unlimited campaigns for all your clients. You will be able to invoice clients separately, and have branded reports for each of them.

How do influencers get paid? How does it work?

Some influencers are paid in euros at the end of each campaign (except for PPC campaigns) and based on briefs’ requirements. You are guaranteed not to exceed established budgets, and can decrease the amount paid to influencers if they did not respect your brief. In other words, you pay based on results. Some other influencers get paid in points (100 points ≈ 1 euro), and can then redeem point to get gift cards.

Which payment types are accepted on Influence4Brands?

Payments are to be made by credit card. Your credit card details will have to be saved at the time of registration to our platform. You can also opt for preauthorized payments, in which case we will need your full bank account information (including IBAN code).

How can I track my campaigns on Influence4Brands?

When creating a new campaign brief, you will provide the tracking URL that influencers will need to use. You will then be able to track the results generated by this campaign.

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