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Dedicated Account Manager
eReputation Module
Reporting with custom logo
Hyper Geolocated Campaigns


Yes directly on your computer to make sure that you understand your responsibilities and the framework of our services for you. It‘s easy and protective for all parties (influencers, you and us).
Yes, you can send messages to the influencers through the platform. This way you can get more information about them, refine your brief,… it is very easy!
You choose the criteria of the influencers for your campaign and the matching profiles will be able to see your campaign and apply to it (among 110,952 influencers registered and also 44 millions Instagram profiles that you will be able to connect with). In addition, you select the ones you want to collaborate with by using the stats we provide you.
You take care of the shipping but if you want we can take care of it (additional fee depending on the amount of shipments and the countries).
You can adjust the paiement based on the fulfillment of your brief. So if the influencer doesn‘t post he/she won‘t get paid at all.
You will see the quotes for each influencer when they apply to your campaign. This will help you to manage your budget. We take care of the paiements, we are between you and the influencers.
Automatic debit, Credit card. You can also make bank transfers 30 days after receiving the invoice (additional fee for this option).
Yes, the last day of the month you will get the invoice (showing the taxes) when you will connect to « my account ». This invoice will show your subscription offer and the detail of your collaborations with the influencers.
Because you can collaborate and promote your brand on all the social media platforms
Because we are transparent on the price, there is no surprise (no additional fee per country, language, social media, size audience of the influencers,…)
Because you can adjust the paiement of the influencers based on the fulfillment of the brief
Because it is the most complete tool with many functions
Because everything is so EASY and was made to make you save time!
Because lots of brands and agencies trust us and use our platform already

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